Saturday, May 14, 2016

The best JEE Main rank predictor

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One look at the various websites that will be peddling the JEE Main rank predictor, and you find that there are a whole lot for you to choose from. However, just like any other software, the permutation and combination is for each and everyone of those website will seem to be different. In accordance to your needs and wants, you take to understand the viability as well as the kind of inherent necessity for the use of such a rank predictor. What this gives is a chance for the students to understand the quality of examinations that they have given, and an active chance at taking a crack in the prestigious IIT examinations.

With the use of the best JEE Main rank predictor, they will be able to understand why this seems to be a wonderful Institute, and how they would be able to progress by using the prestigious education from such institutes. However, the rank predictor is also not full proof; so, imparting a lot of importance in to that particular rank predictor is not something that you would want to do. It not only lets out a glaring chance that you might or might not be able to get into the IIT, but also ensures that it plays upon your minds. So, in the event that you are actually looking to get into IIT, always be prepared to expect the unexpected.

Well, with the best JEE Main rank predictor, one will be able to see the kind of quality is that they could get into. After all, there are various IITs all across India, each one has its own merits and demerits. If you’re looking for a particular stream, and you have got a good rank in the rank prediction, then you could possibly apply to the best IIT that has a good faculty for that particular stream. It holds true for about every other stream that you can find in the engineering division with the help of IIT.

So, is it pertinent for you to make use of the best JEE Main rank predictor? Well, you are your own judge. After all, this predictor helps you to understand the kind of ranking that is necessary for you to get into a particular IIT, and the cut-off ranking for a particular stream. So, if you ranking prediction is nearby, then you actually nurse a chance of getting into the prestigious institute. Above all, you would be able to predict your main ranking for JEE that is totally based on your expected or the actual score. So, tread with caution, and do not think of this rank predictor to be one and all. After all, until and unless you find yourself getting the original rank certificate, thinking about anything is not at all a diligent task on your behalf. However, with the help of the rank predictor, you actually stand a chance about witnessing the way in which you will be able to get into a particular IIT.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

How to Create a Mobile-Friendly Version of a Video

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If you’re thinking about transferring over some videos onto your mobile devices then creating a mobile-friendly version of it will definitely help. Essentially a mobile-friendly video is simply a video that is optimized for that mobile device and caters to its specifications accordingly.

Generally speaking when you’re creating a mobile-friendly version of a video you’ll need to consider several different areas. Choosing a compatible video format is a start, but you should also match the video settings to the specifications of the mobile device and perhaps even compress it to conserve storage space if that could potentially be an issue.

To accomplish this you’ll need the right software, and Movavi Video Converter will be help to lend a hand on that front. It is a capable video converter that will provide you with the means to convert your video to various formats (i.e. it can be used to convert MP4 to WMV, AVI, MOV, VOB, and much more) as well as adjust its settings such as the resolution, frame rate, and bit rate. In fact you can even use it to compress your videos to a specific file size, or by switching the video format and codec to take advantage of one that offers better compression.

Assuming you’d rather not do all of this manually however, the presets that come with Movavi Video Converter will be your best bet. Essentially you will be given the option to select a preset for a specific device or platform instead of choosing a format, and the software will automatically use the best possible video format and settings for that device when you do. The presets that are available include support for mobile devices, so all you need to do is pick the one that you’re using to create a mobile-friendly version of that video.

In addition to all that, Movavi Video Converter will also give you a few ‘out of the box’ opportunities that may come in handy. It can be used to convert audio and image files and that in turn will give it the means to create animated GIFs from your video clips, extract the audio tracks from your video files, and grab screenshots directly from individual video frames.

On top of that it also is able to edit videos and improve them by cutting and combining video segments, enhancing the video quality, cropping or rotating the video frame and orientation, or adding text that can be customized to create unique-looking captions. All said and done the wealth of options that Movavi Video Converter will hand you is nothing less than comprehensive. It makes sense to take advantage of them, so that the videos that you transfer to your mobile devices are optimized accordingly.
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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mastering Mathematics Syllabus for JEE Mains

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Over 1,00,000 students give JEE and only about 15,000 clear it. This is primarily due to lack of preparation in areas students dread to venture. Mathematics is one such area. Scoring well in JEE often feels like a far fetched dream for many as their math skills are not up to the mark.

Why stress on preparing for Mathematics?

The Mathematics section like Physics and Chemistry has 30 questions and each question is of 4 marks. Mark a wrong answer and you get a -1 mark on your existing score. All your effort taken in the Physics and Chemistry section can go in vain if you mess up in the math section and hence equal attention to preparation of math problems must be taken.

So what should be done?

As much as you run from the subject it will haunt back at you during the examinations, until you get your hands on the JEE Mains 2016 Answer Key. Many of the JEE questions are quite easy if attempted but as students leave topics entirely they don’t bother even reading the problem carefully. This is the main reason for poor results of the examination.
Mathematics is mainly divided in to 3 parts- Algebra, Calculus and Geometry.  It is advisable to attempt the math questions after you finish attempting the physics and chemistry questions as the math sums are comparatively lengthier and needs more comprehensive mental exercise. Once you’ve secured a good score in physics and chemistry your stress will also reduce to a comfortable level and you can attempt the math questions coolly.

Essential steps to be taken while preparing for mathematics

Mathematics can seem as a huge hurdle but is really not if you put your heart to it. Your sincerity and hard work will determine whether or not you’ll score well.
1.       Make a suitable timetable that ensures you give considerable amount of time on practicing a good number of problems daily.
2.       Prepare a detailed list of formulae chapter-wise. Once you note them down, go on to practically using them in problems from your NCERT first and when you find yourself in a pace where you are quite comfortable with these, solve the JEE based questions. This should be done daily for best results.
3.       You’re bound to have many doubts and questions as to how equations are formed and their implementation in ways other than what you may you have thought. Clear them. Ask your peers, teachers or seniors to help you out with any problems you face. Don’t keep them unsolved as once this pile starts stacking you’ll be left with heavy burdens and will eventually leave out that topic.
4.       Memorize your formulae daily, for the more well-verse you are with them will you be able to use them practically and more sophisticated will be your JEE-oriented approach to questions.
5.       Understand why you use a formula for a particular problem, the science behind it. You’ll be astonished to know that students who understand the whys more tend to not need to always memorize the formula but know that the formula is to be used where.


More than often the answer to most question lies in the basics and mathematics such a subject. Clear out your concepts and keep practicing them on and on. This will not only help in increasing your speed but also make you more well prepared for the questions that will come in the question paper.
Lastly don’t be too under or over stressed. Be as balanced as you can and you are sure to master the subject. Practice daily and keep your foundations concrete. 
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Monday, February 29, 2016

Trendy Boxers for Women

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Boxers are always considered as the most comfortable inner wear for men due to the comfort and roominess provided by them. Although in early days these boxers used to be utilitarian in nature with their fabric and style, but now they are also considered as a fashionable piece of clothing. People want comfort, but they also want some style and sense of fashion so that their wardrobe, including their inner wear, will represent their attitude and personality. The boxer shorts were traditionally considered as the male inner wear, but many women are also using them. It is true that the boxers are designed to be a piece of innerwear for men with a design for male comfort and utility, women are opting for them as loungewear or night wears.

Why are women using the boxers?

  • Due to the simple yet comfortable design of the boxers, women find it easy to wear them around the house or as nightwear. 
  • As generally the boxers are made in silk or cotton, they are very soft for the skin and keep the body cool when the temperature is high in summer.
  • Traditionally the boxers are male inner wear and, therefore, they help women to protect their modesty and still be comfortable when the mercury is rising.
  • As the boxers are comfortable and offer similar freedom of movement like pajamas, women are using them as night wear.

Changes made in the boxers

When the woman started wearing the boxer shorts as loungewear or as night wears, fashion industry took the note of this change. Manufacturers started making boxers in materials and prints which will appeal to the men as well as women. You will find that you can get boxers especially made for women.

  • The boxers which are specially made for women differ in design for the obvious reason that women do not need the flaps or buttons in their boxers.
  • The boxers for women are a bit longer than the boxers for men as women wear them as outerwear and not as inner wear.
  • The prints on the boxer shorts for women are also different as fashion trends and styles are different for men and women.
  • Designer boxers are also available for those women who want something different and unique.

Generally, women prefer wearing these shorts as nightwear as they offer similar comfort like pajamas and they don’t constrain the movements. Due to the loose fitting of these shorts, they can be worn even when the temperature is very high. As the boxers are now specifically made for women, they are very trendy and fashionable. Designer boxers are also available in the market, with premium quality material and unique designs and prints. However, there are many funny and quirky shorts which you can get at reasonable prices. We can very well say that these shorts offer the same comfort to both men and women. In today’s world, it is now irrelevant that the boxers were designed as male inner wear because both men and women use it for the benefits offered by them. Many designs in boxers mean that you will get something suitable for you irrespective of your age, style and fashion sense. The trend of using boxers as fashionable loungewear is also very popular. We can very well say the boxers are back in style and the way designs and prints of boxers are changing, they are here to stay for a long time. Boxers are not only utilitarian and comfortable, but they are sexy, funky, funny and intimate. This combination is hard to resist for both men as well women. So choose the boxer which is perfect for you as a piece of clothing and it will reflect your attitude and personality.
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5 Indian websites that made online Bill Payments so Easy and Safe

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Online bill payment is a great advantage of modern living. It allows you to pay the bills in the comfort of your home or even when you are on the move. Here is a list of top 5 websites for online bill payment in India that will certainly be useful for you. They all are awesome, value for money and offer “value added” benefits to you. 

Safe website for online bill payments1.  


FreeCharge helps you to pay all your bills at one place. The thing we like the most about this website is that it has been offering a free discount coupon with every recharge or bill payment for free since day one. It hasn’t changed yet. For people who don’t have much time this website is a boon as they remember your data and protect it always so that you won’t have to enter it over and over again.


PayTm offers the most varied bill payments to its clients. Apart from data, mobile, Mumbai metro, landline, gas, DTH and other utilities, they allow you to pay for financial services like insurance. Also, they allow you to book a bus (luxury or non luxury) from anywhere in India to anywhere in India. You also get to enjoy easy booking of Imagica Theme Park and Aquamagica Water Park with this website so that you can chill with your family for a day. 


This is a cool website that allows you to pay your bills even when you don’t have access to internet. You just need to have an account here and some money in your MobiKwik account and they will pay the bill on your command. They can pay your bills with just an SMS or a single call so you can get on with your life without bothering about last minute long queues. If you are too insecure to make an online payment on this website, you can add money to the MobiKwik account via cash also. They can even pick up the money from your doorstep. So, super busy people would surely love MobiKwik.


This website is very easy and not at all flashy and that’s what we love about it. They also allow you to do a recharge without signing up (as a guest). This feature is cool for people who don’t do the online recharge thing often and are sceptical about sharing their information. They also send you exclusive deals like Get flat 17% off on all the products listed at ferns and petals in your inbox if you use their services.


This is another credible website for online bill payments for people who often forget to pay their bills on time. Here you can easily register your biller to receive notification when new bill is due. You can also set reminders at regular intervals that are fully customizable. They also send you reports on how much money you spent on bills in a month so that you keep your budget in check. Pretty awesome, right?
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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

SHAREit Is So Famous? But Why?

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Everyone knows, we’re living in a so fast expanding digital world where every day new technology launches. People don’t have time for waiting whatever it be the real world event or technical matter.

In this digital world almost everyone has their personal Smartphone and PC. Nowadays devices with more storage are launched for storing more data, music, videos, movies, pictures and lot more. But what’s the benefit of that updated technology if you have slow transfers into your devices.

reason behind shareit

You might be thinking of the Samsung device that features sharing very fast between their devices but what if the platform you have to share is other than yours. So today we’re sharing a review of an awesome app that will raise your data sharing speed to many times without costing a penny.

Yes, we are telling about SHAREit application, a product by Lenovo group first launched in June, 2012 at China and then gain popularity worldwide in a very less time period. SHAREit app doesn’t require any data cables to work on, all you need is Wi-Fi enabled devices.

SHAREit application use Wi-Fi direct to operate and it doesn’t matter you are using Android, iOS or Windows devices. There are so many features but it’s the main features of this awesome app that it is supports multiple platform. Any type of files having any size can be shared through this app SHAREit.

This is the best app of its kind and various updates coming these days for better performance and gaining more speed. This app can be freely downloaded from the official site

shareit features

Top SHAREiT Features 

There are lots of features offered by this app and some of them are as follows:

Compatible to all firmware

There are lots of apps for data sharing and some of them provide good transfer rate but either they are paid or they are limited to higher versions of any platform or they does not support multiple platform but SHAREit is the only app that is compatible to all the firmware whatever it is Android 2.3 or iOS 6.0.

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Eliminates the use of Data Cables

Before the launch of SHAREit, when it comes to transfer or share from your desktop to your Smartphone or vice-versa, various things were required like USB cable supported by your Smartphone, and your phone’s driver that you have to install them on your PC before transferring and still you got a very less speed after doing so much efforts. But after the launch of SHAREit the use for usb cables were eliminated for transfer purposes.

Size doesn’t Matter

Some apps used to share the files, bounded to some size into their free version either you have to pay full version or make use of another app for transfer of your data. But SHAREit eliminates all these boundations and now you are capable of sharing any file of any size.

World’s fast sharing app

The best reason behing the popularity of SHAREis is that, it allows you to transfer your data with a much higher rate. It’s speed depends on the wireless router installed on your devices. It is claimed that SHAREit transfers 40* speed than of Bluetooth.

Group Sharing is now possible

You can now share your data to multiple people in the same time. Actually this feature was not available to the previous versions but I told you that many updates are available to us and now ‘Group Sharing’ option is also available to us. You can now share your data to 5 people simultaneously.

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This app can be Self-Shared

It’s the awesome feature, that you can share SHAREIt through the SHAREit. You don’t need the .apk files for sharing the app. It automatically detects the app installed on your device and make .apk file ownself before sharing.

Automatically detect receivers

The one of the awesome feature of this app is that is automatically detects all the people using the SHAREit at that instant of time. You just have to select the receiver listed in the circle.

Supports Multiple Platform

This awesome app is available for multiple platforms like Windows for desktop & Windows for Smartphone, Android, iOS. You can share on cross-platforms withous any other requirements. Remember you are limited to share only photos, contacts and videos while sending from iOS devices. Previously music can also be shared but due to Apple’s terms they removed this features.

No Internet Usage

While sharing through SHAREit no internet connectivity is required. But while sending from Windows enabled smart phones you need to enable your internet option, Don’t worry still SHAREit does not use your data for sharing.

Authorization before Receiving

You cannot send to someone until receiver does not authorize your device for receiving. It’s the better security approach in data sharing.

Requirements for using SHAREit

Actually there are no requirements; you just need Wi-FI enabled devices for sharing through SHAREit.

How SHAREiT share data??

Shareit provides proper user navigations and better interface, so you can easily share while using SHAREit for the first time. Proper help is given for each and every possible issues in the help section.

Steps for Sending

  1. Open the app and tap on send button
  2. Select the files you want to share them; you can also select the files directly from the gallery or the file manager
  3. Tap on Send
  4. After that a list appears on you’re your screen; The list shows people using SHAAREit within your range. Choose that person you want to share.
  5. Wait for his Authorization and then sending starts.
  6. Wait until the data share process; the sharing process remain continued even if you minimize that app.

Steps for Receiving

Open the App and Tap on ‘Receive’ Button.

Keep in mind that while receiving into iOS or Windows Smartphone the sender must enable ‘sharing to ios device’ option and you must have to manually enable your Wi-Fi and connect to the hotspot signaled by the sender.
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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Top 7 Uses Of Mini Drones For everyone

Posted by Sahil Goyal
Drones has become new toy for next gen people for making their life easy because these mini drones are useful in many ways .

They have been in use for many years but now days its has been taking speed in the usage of drones ,in fact amazon and many other big companies have started using drones for delivery purposes to easy out the delivery process .

top uses of mini drones

So come on folks let’s take a look at most prominent purposes of best drones use for people to enjoy their life with their friends ,kids and family with these mini drones .


Flying Drones and UAV’s may be very helpful for creating  a video of a wedding or any perform from the highest to urge complete coverage with none difficulties of wires persisting on the bottom between the foots of individuals .
More over with drone you'll be able to create videos of areas out of reach by humans and that they may also be accustomed cowl a sporting event like cricket ,WWE etc for video coverage with best angles.


With the assistance of mini drones you'll be able to take some cool photos and selfies of your self and different places that square measure on the far side your reach .
you can see from within your house ,who’s their within the street roaming and something on your Roof with the camera connected to the drones .
It may well be additionally utilized by explorers and journey seekers to capture a number of the mountain first-rate and shallow valleys for amazing photography .


Mini Drones ,Big Drones may be utilized in exploring undiscovered components of the world that aren't nevertheless reached by human for locating some new things.also adventurers will use it to explore varied completely different near  areas in their expeditions in varied regions round the world .


Using mini Drones for delivery functions could be a cool idea ,isn’t it .
Now days several firms like amazon etc have started testing use of drones for delivering varied product and different things what is more you'll be able to additionally use drones in your homes for delivery functions like for bring a bottle of wine from your room to your garden once you square measure enjoying the party together with your Friends within the Sunday evening . To know more about these best drones used for delivery purposes visit mini drone


Mini drones may be utilized in analysis work and studies like in life animal studies to check their behaviours in extreme forest areas will provide USA smart insight concerning them and behaviour in several conditions .
Also UAV’s may be utilized in analysis of varied so much distance space that cannot be reached by human


With the social media spreading so much and wide in our lives and different news firms fighting to urge most spicy and authentic news for his or her new channels ,people will create use of drones to capture the photographs and create video of crowed areas or restricted ares wherever human aren't allowed or will go their as a result of giant crowd .
drone may be very facilitate in capturing prime quality videos and pictures for news functions with its high definition camera connected to its Body.

Disaster Relief services

Now days drones square measure utilized in giant numbers by government for disaster relief services like finding any survivors in radiation zones ,sending food for folks in out of reach disaster hit zones and far to avoid wasting folks lives from the disaster .taking footage of disaster hit zone etc

I hope you liked our list of top 7 uses of mini drone which will make them the toy of masses in the coming days to get most of their work done easily and fast without any problems .

Anyone can use these nano drone ,also they can be used by kids for playing ,many parents buy these for their kids for their birthdays and Christmas to make their kids happy and spread joy all around in the house .
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